Elective Experiences

Share your experiences from abroad. Inform students about what electives are like and tell of the wisdom you gained or misadventures you survived. Elective experience pieces should be suitably written for publication. Use the forms found at the bottom of this page.

Please follow the elective experience submission format exactly as it is found in the template. Each submission should be 400-500 words.* The title and author do not count as part of the word total. Make sure to include when and where your elective was completed.

Possible talking points include:

Your role as a visiting student. What was unique or different from Ireland?
Do any specific student-patient encounters stand out?
Any memorable experiences (medical or non-medical), insights gained, or advice you can share from your experience.
Make sure to sign and submit the permissions form attached to the same email as your elective experience and image files.

Email your application to contact@jmsgalway.com with the subject line as detailed on the submissions page.

*Photos, images, graphs, or charts are encouraged. Please submit images attached to the email in which you submit your elective experience piece. Images must be no smaller than 400 x 300 pixels, though we ask that you submit the largest file size you have available. JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats accepted.

Elective experience submission forms:

Elective Experience Template