Case Reports

Case reports should be suitably written for publication, with associated references in Vancouver referencing style. Use the forms found at the bottom of this page.

Please follow the case report submission format exactly as it is found in the template, including headings. Each report should be 1200-1500 words and should include 2 images.* The title, author, headings, and references do not count as part of the word total. Case reports should read much like a story. Do not use bullet points.

To ensure patient confidentiality, please use a fictional name or patient’s initials.

Make sure to sign and submit the permissions form attached to the same email as your case report and image file.

Email your application to with the subject line as detailed on the submissions page.

*Supporting photos, images, graphs, or charts should be adherent to the following instructions:

Common format (JPEG, PNG, or TIFF)
No smaller than 400 x 300 pixels, though we ask that you submit the largest file size you have available
Clearly labelled with a brief description of the image/table/etc

Case Report submission forms:

Case Report Template

Case Report Permissions