About Us

The Journal of Medical Students, Galway (JMSG) is a student and staff-led initiative, launched at the start of 2014 by medical students at the National Universtity of Ireland, Galway, in collaboration with the Clinical Sciences Institute and Explore Initiative.

The JMSG seeks to exhibit a broad range of original work from the basic sciences, translational, clinical, and surgical disciplines of medicine.

Founders Yasir Loai and Alan Jacobsen
Founders Yasir Loai and Alan Jacobsen

The JMSG strives to:

  • Provide a platform for all NUIG medical students to officially publish articles and showcase their work, including abstracts, manuscripts, case reports, elective experiences, editorials, photographs, or other medically relevant articles.

  • Offer an opportunity to be involved in running a professional student medical journal.

  • Engage the undergraduate medical community in taking an active participation in the academic research process and critical appraisal skills development, organizing peer-review, and editing articles or publications.

  • Broaden interdisciplinary knowledge and communication across diverse medical and surgical specialties.

  • Function as a platform for those aspiring to research careers in conjunction with practicing medicine.

  • Recognize and empower young researchers during their pre-clinical and clinical years, further encouraging them to partake in high quality medical and scientific research.

  • Promote the importance of the link between bench and bedside as a part of academic medicine.